SC Trum SA Carei

Technological equipment
In order to achieve diverse production the company has at its disposal complex technical equipment of which we would like to highlight the following: parallel lathes, turret lathes, milling machines, slotting machines, coordinate drills, eccentric presses max. 100t, hydraulic presses max. 200t, abkant, electric-arc welding machines with electrodes and MIG-MAG line of action, gray cast iron foundry with electric hearth and cupola, enameling plant with electrically heated combustion furnace.

Certificats and Authorizations
The company is authorized by the Romanian Boiler Surveillance Inspectorate ISCIR to produce mechanical pressurized installations. Our welders are authorized by ISCIR to weld pressurized vessels and lifting installations.

The company has a quality management certificate in accordance with ISO by TUV Turingen.

The company's designing engineers are authorized by ISCIR to design pressurized vessels. Our designing engineers use computer-aided procedures and are specialized in products like: belt conveyers, pressurized vessels, metal tanks and others.

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